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Taco Treat Mexican Restaurants are a fast-casual Mexican food chain with 7 locations through-out Montana. When Inkfish began working with Taco Treat there was no tie between the existing stores, and no real previous marketing or branding efforts with the exception of a franchise logo that was "loosly" adheared to among the franchis locations. Starting from the ground up, Inkfish rebranded the entire franchise, making it more modern yet maintaining the aspects that had the most existing brand equity. Everything from the company logo, in-restaurant and drive thru menus and food packaging to promotional posters, television production and taco truck vehicle wrap were redesigned and made consistent franchise-wide. Inkfish also consulted on the interior and exterior design of two new franchise locations including, color, carpet and material choices, graphic presentation and exterior signage, as well as color and material choices. Taco Treat now boasts strong brand recognition state-wide and is gaining ground within the Pacific Northwest.

  • Client

    Taco Treat

  • type of work

    Franchise Branding

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  • Services Performed

    Logo Design
    Television Production
    In-Restaurant Promotion Materials
    In-Restaurant & Drive Thru Menu Design
    Exterior Store Signage Design
    Food Packaging
    Retail Packaging
    Food Photography
    Identity Design
    Special Event Materials
    UofM GRIZ Sponsorship Materials
    Taco Truck Vehicle Wrap
    New Franchise Consulting
    Socail Media
    Drive Thru Window Clings